There are some friends that come into your life that you instantly get along with.  Although it’s not “normal” to become such great long distance friends with a BLOGGER, Lily and I are obviously not normal…for one, she’s a former food now cat blogger.

So when she invited me to her wedding last year of course I said yes.  I’ve heard great things about Charleston so it was also a great opportunity for a weekend getaway.

I’ve missed the South.  The platinum blonde hair, the fried foods, the twang..everything!  Charleston is full of history and charm.  Glenn rolled his eyes from my constant use of the word “charming”.

Anyways, here are some pictures of the city.





Glenn and I checked out Charleston’s City Market,  an open air market place with various local vendors.  You can get jewelry, flowers, dishes, food, etc!



Of course we got food.  We got a bag of dried okra chips and dried bell peppers.

Glenn’s secret is that he freaking loves MoonPiesThe trailer park version of a French macaroon.  


Hence we had to stop here.


Glenn’s dream…ignore his mug shot stance, 5 o’clock perv shadow, and bad posture…he is seriously excited to be in the Moonpie logo.


Did I mention I “accidently” gave Glenn wrong directions and we ended up at Trader Joe’s?  Alas, I couldn’t get any peanut butter since we didn’t want to check bags in at the airport and THEY WILL CONFISCATE THEM when you go through security. Trust me.

Now for Lily’s wedding.

The ceremony was at a church on the Citadel campus where she met her husband.



Not only was the church beautiful but Glenn and I got to pose with on campus helicopters, tanks, and a freaking plane after the ceremony! It’s all about US!


By the way, I do not know how but my boobs looked HUGE in that dress. SCHWING!

The ceremony was held at Wickcliffe house , an elegant old southern home with a wrap around porch!  Unfort, I can’t post pictures without some family members peaking out in the background.

But check out this cardboard photo of Lily’s cat that greeted guests at the sign in table.




See this beautiful cake?  Guess who made it?  PUBLIX!!! A supermarket!! She is one of the most frugal people I know so she wanted me to flaunt this!


Lily looked so gorgeous that day…ignore my humongo grandma boobs.


Fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, sweet potato fries.


The beautiful couple.

I don’t want to get emotional but I don’t know when we’ll see each other again but I was so thrilled to see her on HER day.

Ready to see what fried goodies I ate in Charleston?  Get your antacids ready for my next post!


Life has been good.  Been working a few days extra to save time up for my vacation next week.  Glenn’s been on overnights which means he wears this during the day to sleep…


Yes.  He’s a sexy little bride.

While he’s been gone I’ve been glued to my Kindle.  Am I reading Tolstoy? No.  Am I reading Faulkner?  No…Honestly…the books I’ve read are cringe worthy but damn…addictive.  The past few weeks I’ve devoured:

Yeah, my reading list is probably the same as Kim Kardashian but guess what?  My brain needs some trash after work! And yes, I’ve gone from a “BDSM” book to a book about incest to a book about a hermaphrodite. Classy.

In other news True Blood is back on tv….When I got this twitter notification I almost had an “O”….


Too bad it’s a fake account and Eric doesn’t really exist…or…does…he?

Other than trashy reading and work I’ve also been enjoying Colorado!

I went to my first Red Rocks concert to see The Shins! How hipster am I?


Red Rocks is an amphitheater known for their gorgeous views of the city as well as their rocking acoustics.  During the summer they host workout boot camps as well as show films here in addition to concerts!




The Shins were amazing and I left spinning from second hand pot smoke.

I also went on my first hike of the summerLena, Annie, Heidi and I hiked at Maxwell Falls last weekend.


Gorgeous isn’t it?  Although the streams and “falls” weren’t there due to lack of water, it was still great to get out there for the day!


Yah I gained weight…SO WHAT? I DO (eat) WHAT I WANT!


By the way the hike wasn’t THAT hard…as you can see since Lena’s little puppy was able to handle it.


Heidi was sweet enough to snag me a swag bag from the Blend Retreat.

Blog friends and life are the weirdest thing.  If you are not a blogger, people don’t really “get” how strangers can meet up and get along so naturally.  These girls and I were together for 5 hours and it was nonstop talking and laughing.

In addition to hanging out with these girls I’m going to my first blogger wedding this weekend…YES I’M A FREAK!

Lily and I have “known” each other for almost 4 years.  She was the second blogger I met when I went to Charlotte.  The first time we met, we SLEPT TOGETHER!


It was also the first time I met Tiffany! What a crazy world blogging is.

I hope you guys have a great weekend.  I’ll be out in Charleston, South Carolina to celebrate Lily’s big day!

Quick: What to do and eat in Charleston?  I haven’t looked up activities but we have 2 restaurant reservations…priorities people.

I love birthdays.  Celebration of life?  Well actually…I love the idea of cake or some sort of pastry being involved.

A few months ago for Allison’s birthday we decided to celebrate at Cholon.


Cholon was a semi finalist for a James Beard award for best new restaurant and the executive chef was nominated for Food and Wine magazine’s best new chef southwest.

You know I’m a sucker for awards.

The service was great.  The décor was modern and hip…and the food?  It was the best “Asian fusion” place I’ve been too.  The food wasn’t so “fusion” that traditional Asian ingredients and flavors were lost.


Instead of a bread basket they brought out this sesame rice cracker for your table to share.

Then you order tiny plates to be devoured amongst your party.


  • Yellow curry mussels with pork belly.  You could just drink this broth up.
  • Beef tartare with chinese mustard and tapioca puffs
  • Shrimp and lobster chow fun, black bean sauce, and scallions
  • Kung pao chicken with peanuts in szechuan sauce


  • Soup dumplings.  Delicious.  Put one in your mouth and french onion soup oozes out.
  • Curried duck spring rolls with yogurt sauce
  • Chili crab rolls sriracha mayo
  • Crispy calamari with lemon-chili aioli


Then they brought out the freshest tasting mango and grapefruit sorbet.

Cholon…I’ll be back.  Just simmer down on the loud club music though.


For Glenn’s birthday we ended up at Domo Japanese Restaurant.  If you want REAL Japanese food, then go here.  You walk into this hut and dine on leather stools and atop a huge slab of a dinner table.  Almost like a table out of Game of Thrones. In the back of the restaurant is a Japanese garden as well as a prayer room.



The menu is hard to navigate but basically you can choose from a ramen noodle bowl, udon noodle bowl, a rice bowl with sashimi, or a variety of sashimi.  There are NO salt/pepper/soy sauce on the table because the fish is already seasoned for you.

Don’t be rude to the Japanese chef.

In addition to whatever you are ordering, your whole table gets random side dishes to share before your order gets there…FOR “FREE”!


Various vegetable and meat dishes.  They were all lightly seasoned and pretty good.  You can’t request for any substitutions though.  Sorry vegetarians!


I ended up ordering the white tuna rice bowl.  Thick chunks of seasoned fish on sweet sushi rice.

The service wasn’t bad as I read about on Yelp and I really enjoyed my dish.  Glenn thought the place was overpriced and he ended up not being impressed with his sashimi.  Typical Glenn.

Afterwards, (since I’m a lazy wife who didn’t bake my husband a homemade cake) we headed over to Crave Dessert Bar.  It’s the new overpriced dessert and alcohol bar downtown.


Triple chocolate cake.  How can something that looks so amazing have no taste?  The frosting tasted like sugar…plain sugar.  Have you tasted plain sugar?  It tastes like sweet nothings! Haha, very disappointed.  I mean I still ate 3/4 of it…but still…


Glenn got the banana bread pudding which was really good.  Especially since the brown sugar on the side was a free for all with each bite.

Crave dessert bar is a great place for a girls night out post breakup but other than that…I won’t be back again.


Group shot of the people that know about my blog…haha.  I’m trying to not post photos of unsuspecting people on here anymore…

OH birthdays.  The best excuse to dine out or cook at home?

PS. Sorry about my crappy photos!

Have you ever eaten so much that you thought you would upchuck?  Thought you were sinning?  Cursed yourself for being disgusting?

Well that happened to me last week.


Visions of the fat dude who died in Se7en popped in my head.  I google imaged his death but I’ll spare you that…for now.

cute fat cat

I also felt like this fat cat.  Fortunately, like him,  I’m still adorable when I get bloated.  Kidding.

So what was the cause of all gorging?  For once it wasn’t the stress of work!!! It was actually this annual event:


Denver’s Big Eat!!!  I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly!

For ONLY 25 BUCKS a person you get to eat till you vom from a selection of 36 restaurants, 3 breweries, and 4 wineries.  The food is unlimited but you have to buy the alcohol when you get there.

Must have been a crowded nightmare right?  NO!! Other than the long line to get into the event, the food station lines were short and went fairly quickly.

Here are just SOME of the restaurants that I remembered sampling…honestly Glenn and I ate at almost every station.  It was kind of gross…it got to the point where I didn’t even remember what I ate and what restaurant it was from…obviously first world problems.

  • Avenue Grill
  • Beatrice & Woodsley
  • Biker Jim’s
  • Black Pearl
  • Euclid Hall
  • Happy Cakes Bakeshop
  • Ignite
  • Jonesy’s Eat Bar
  • Linger
  • Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza
  • Olivéa
  • Root Down
  • Row 14
  • Snooze
  • Steuben’s
  • Vesta Dipping Grill

Many of the restaurants had samples of their foods but I was disappointed that some of the city’s “hottest” restaurants were serving popcorn (I kid you not) and a mixed drink that you had to purchase…WTF.  This event is to showcase local restaurants to support independent businesses…I don’t want your damn popcorn! This happened only a few times though…plus by then my pants were unbuttoned so I couldn’t really complain…as much.

Ready to see a FRACTION of what $25 got me? All descriptions will be clockwise.


  • Caramel popcorn and Chinese BBQ pork
  • Pulled pork on a fried plantain
  • Beatrice and Woodsley…have been wanting to eat here but they gave me this pickle and this hard peanut candy…meh.
  • Pork slaw


  • Steuben’s corndog and fries.  I loved how crispy it was!
  • Delicious tender kalua pork.  Reminded me of Hawaii!
  • FULL hot dog from Biker Jims.  We took this home.
  • Spicy and fresh italian sandwich from Red Star deli


  • Juicy slider and slaw
  • Quesadilla
  • Very impressed that TAG gave us this piece of sashimi on sweet corn.
  • Prosciutto stuffed date

They were giving out hotdogs and other fried food but by then I wanted sweet…and sweet I got…


  • Stoney’s peanut butter and jam stuffed funnel cake. VERY SWEET…almost gagged…the bad way.
  • Corner Office gave me this dulce de leche cheesecake with lemon sorbet.  Delicious
  • Peanut butter and dark chocolate ganache
  • That whole plate made my day.  French macaroons and mini cupcakes from Happy Cakes.  Everything was perfect.

Check out the free for all table from Happy Cakes.


While there I met up with the lovely Lena….we both were grossed out by how full we were.


And I’ll leave you an image of this tiny flaccid thing…


Delicious pancake wrapped sausage from Snooze.

For a “foodie” I’m embarrassed I didn’t remember where some food items were from.  After a certain point I was just table hopping and couldn’t/wouldn’t take a picture of everything.  Also I was busy cutting in line.

Can you believe I ate MORE than what is pictured?  Yah you can…don’t lie.

Have a great day!

Food festivals…best part of summer? Oh wait…maybe being outdoors is the best part…

Once again, I’ve been MIA. I’ve caught the reading bug and I can’t stop!  Devouring chick lit and thrillers with all my free time!  I guess it could be worse, it could be cocaine or something.

Anyways, life is busy here.  Going out and working.  About to start my 7 day work streak…no worries, got Xanax in my purse.

OH I did my hair!  I never add any color to it.  The last time I dyed it was in middle school and that was a crappy shade of dark purple.  I think grunge was in then.

I was reading my bible, meaning USWEEKLY and saw pictures of celebs rocking the Ombre look.



Obviously I think I am a hott celebrity and decided THIS is what I wanted to try.  At 29 years old, I think it’s about time to jazz up my hair…I mean it’s just HAIR…right?


Of course I took of a picture of myself mid process…BLOGGER STYLE.


And Voila! My emo face and new hair….not going to lie, NOT looking like Jessica Biel…honestly it’s too “light” for my liking and the ombre style just makes it seem like I grew out my dyed hair.

At least I got pizza that day…


Pizza Fusion is a GREEN pizza chain! Biodegradable kitchen ware, recycled boxes, organic ingredients, gluten-free and vegan crusts if you wish!  They also staff people from Colorado Coalition of the Homeless.  Obviously, eating here makes you a better person.


Mini meatball sliders


Big Kahuna pizza: Hawaiian style pizza with pineapples, red onions, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, and bacon.


Pear and gorgonzola pizza: pear, gorgonzola, toasted walnuts, mozzarella, provolone, and parmesan.

The pizzas were thin but chewy and the toppings were ooey gooey.  Of course we ate it all.

And here’s one last picture of my hair.


In an attempt to “stand out” with my new hue…I think I might get loss amongst the masses now…


Have a wonderful Wednesday!  I’m still indecisive about my hair!  I might go a shade darker! Ahhhhhhhh

Guess which pervert is back?  ME.

I can’t believe how addicted I got to the 50 Shades of Grey series.  The writing is bad, the sexy scenes weren’t steaming, yet I fell for the main characters and their stupid love story.

How easily I can be swayed.

But I’m back…thinking of rereading the books but I’m back so I’ll leave you with pictures of the baptism I was part of a few weeks ago…which naturally should come after discussing my obsession with the mommy porn trilogy.

Texas was HAWT…like really hot.


It’s not even “real” summer in Texas yet…also, my parents have to wash their car.

The weather didn’t matter though when you get the chance to hold this precious one.


And eat one Chris’s fabulous cakes.


Doesn’t it look great?  Chris runs his “bake shop” on top of having a 40 hour work week.


Nutella filling.  Yah, you read that right.

Other than cake, my god baby, and my best friends I consumed lots of sandwiches



And frozen yogurt.

I am addicted again…It’s become a weekly “tradition” for Allison and I to get a pound of this and then watch Game of Thrones…another popular show that I started watching (late comer alert!).

The trip was short but I’ll leave you with delicious pictures of pizza.

While coming back from our Estes Park trip the other week, Glenn and I had lunch in Boulder at Pizzeria Locale.

This restaurant has been on our “must eat” list since it was named Westword’s Best Pizza and one of 5280’s Best New Restaurants of 2011.

If it’s ranked, we will eat there.

Pizzeria Locale is a TINY restaurant so make reservations if you plan on dining here on the weekend.  They serve Neapolitan style pizza,  which they cook in a 1000 degree oven.  The crust is traditionally thin with a slightly doughy center.



We started off with Verdure Miste:  eggplant, zucchini, peppers.

Since the pizzas are thin and we are gorgers, we each ordered our own pizza.


Glenn got the daily special pizza that had two eggs, prosciutto, and artichokes.


I ordered the Funghi pizza that didn’t have tomato sauce but plenty of mozzarella cheese, pecorino, porcini, and roasted white mushrooms.

Neapolitan style pizzas are eaten with a fork and knife since the dough is so tender.  The food came out quickly (the pizzas cook in about 4 minutes) and the service was attentive.


Of course we had dessert: their fabulous butterscotch pudding was light and creamy and surprisingly not too sweet.  Glenn loved it.

Was it a fantastic meal with great service?  You betcha!  But I don’t know if we would drive 40 minutes to dine here.

Sorry my “I’M BACK” post is a bit of a bore…still dreaming of this:


Have a great Wednesday!!

I might be getting my hair dyed….I’m scared!!!


I hope everyone is having a great week!! My weekend home was a short one but full of laughter and baby kisses.

Alas, I can not talk about what happened this past weekend or what will happen this week…cause I am going to be in a cave reading till my heart explodes.

I blame Glenn.

I always said I would never get an e-reader device cause I love the feel of a book in my hand….but on our first anniversary, for our “paper” gift he got me a kindle fire.  The iPad’s cheap cousin but perfect for me since all I do is read, buy sh*t online, and go on the internet.


I immediately downloaded 2 books from the library and bought a book.  I love it, it’s small and now I can carry all these books in this little device.  I can also set it on my elliptical at home where I read as well.  Don’t act like you don’t read while on that thing.

I’ve been trying to get Melissa to read Fifty Shades of Grey with me for a few months now…she never fell for it but I did.  BAD.


Judge me all you want cause it’s been my secret reading for a few weeks now.

First of all I’m NOT reading it for the “sexy” bits.  I’ve read dirtier things at my friend’s grandma’s house when looking through her harlequin book collection.  Hell, I’ve read dirtier things back in the day on AOL!

Second of all, for a BDSM book it’s not graphic enough.

Third, it’s a damn easy read.  Think Twilight or Hunger Games easy.  I found myself rereading sentences wondering if it was a complete sentence or not.  I also found myself rolling my eyes at some lines…

But alas, I’m completely obsessed.  Why?  Maybe it’s the love story in it.  Maybe it’s the fact that a total hott rich dude picked a “normal” girl to buy and do anything for.  This hott rich dude is also obsessed with making sure she EATS!!!

Whatever it is…I’m obsessed…and I’ll be back next week.

For now, I’m crawling back into my cave and dreaming of these two as the leads in the future movie:


Alexander Skarsgard


Elizabeth Olsen





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