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How’s your fall going?

I feel like for the first time I am REALLY “experiencing” it.  Leaves don’t change colors in Texas and sure, I was here last year but this past weekend I was in the “midst” of nature in Vail!

I haven’t really talked about work but I’ve been trying to be a better person by mentoring pharmacy students at my job.   A perk of this was an all expense paid trip to Vail. YOU KNOW ASIANS LOVE FREE!!!

It was my first healthcare provider conference so I was intimidated amongst 50 year old MDs, dentists, other PharmDs, and PTs who are so involved with students and community/volunteer work.

Not only did I leave feeling “inspired” (unless it’s the Prozac kicking in), it was also a great opportunity for Glenn and I to leave the city for a weekend together.

Although some of these photos are Instagrammed, trust me, the colors were even MORE vibrant in real life.  It was just so gorgeous.



I had no idea Kim was going to be there but was happy to see a young and familiar face.  We ended up “running” (the altitude KILLED ME) a “5k” (it was more like 2 miles) and Glenn got these paparazzi shots…I wish I was on TMZ :(



Although I stayed indoors all day on Saturday doing conference things, Glenn and I met our friend for a hike on Sunday.  Big Horn Creek trail was uh…REALLY hard for me.  I’m blaming it on the altitude but it was seriously harder than the reviews made it out to be.  I’m probably also in denial at how out of shape I am.

Either way, AWESOME photo op of ME ME ME!






I love the panorama feature on my phone!

Anyways, hope you are enjoying fall wherever you guys are.

Oh my goodness.

Where do I even start? I haven’t written a real post in about 3 months.  Life is good…real good.  I love it here and I can’t stress enough how THANKFUL I am for the people that are in my life right now.

GAG.  I know, I sound like Oprah or TYRA.  Gross.

Anyways, here are just some snippets from my life for the past 3 months:


CELEB SIGHTING at the Paris airport: Elle Fanning!!! Girl from Super 8! We were so close to her that G read her luggage tag.


July 4th was spent with my Denver Bff Kristen at my first lacrosse game.



Magic Mike came out and my pharmacy friends and I acted like 7th graders and went to the movie in a huge group…we may or may not have gotten threats that we were getting kicked out of the theater…MAY.

Working on my body: Fitness on the Rocks is a yearly event where FREE yoga, kickboxing, boot camp, etc. classes are given to ANYONE at the Red Rocks amphitheater.


Yes, I’m that a$$hole that takes pictures of randoms bending over.



It was amazing seeing all the vendors but honestly…I did a turbo kick class for 1.5 hours and almost fainted from being in the sun!


I love my blog friends.  I finally got to meet Lauren when she came in town! She’s superrr sweet on her blog, but girl can be snarky like me!!!


Lynne had her bachelorette party (she’s married now and did a half marathon).



One of my good friends came to visit me…where we ate and hiked.


Legs open pose=I look thinner.


G is officially a Denverite.  He got a road bike…and proceeded to bike 30 miles the second day he got it…dumb.  He came home shaking like a “r” victim.


Went to my first legit soccer game!


I also saw disgusting tattoos and dbags at a UFC fight.


Ran my SLOWESTTTT 5k.  The Firefly run was at night and I was a bloated mess but I got to run it with Annie and Lena!


Trying to keep the paps at bay.


More hiking.



No big deal.


Tiffany was there too!


CELEB SIGHTING: Trey Parker and Matt Stone were there that night!


Painted “Starry Night”…Toni was there!


One of the BEST concerts ever: Mute Math.


Look how cute, big, and beautiful my godson is!!! Oh and my best friend? MILF.


Glenn’s best friend got married.  He was the best man.  My friend said I’m getting crow’s feet.  We are getting old.

It’s crazy how time flies when you’re having fun.  And when you’re having fun…the blog comes last.

Hope you guys are all doing well!

Paris: FOOD!

You guys should know by that that G and I are major foodies….but believe it or not, we didn’t really look into what restaurants we should eat at while there!

First of all, the main attractions in Paris had long lines (Eiffel tower, the Catacombs, Notre Dame etc.) so we didn’t want to make reservations somewhere and not make it in time or get stressed over stupid reservations.

Second of all, we were in PARIS…pretty sure the food in most places would be good….well it was and it wasn’t.

If you are going to Europe or anywhere bring FIBER SUPPLEMENTS.  All they eat is cheese and bread! I wasn’t complaining but by the 3rd day I was having issues….sexy trip fail. :(

I ate a loaf of bread at each meal and ate all the cheese I could…as well as desserts.  The skinny chicks there?  They ate ALL their bread and food too!! Trust me, I was watching with envy!  I wonder if they are all so skinny cause they don’t obsess over their bodies or exercising like they do in the US?

Anyways, here are pictures of our food!


Ginormous salad of duck meat, bread, melted cheese, and pesto.


I had a croque monsieur once a day.  Grilled ham & cheese sandwich? HELLZ YAH. Check out the cheese on top.


Pistachio éclair?  Why not.


We ate at sidewalk cafes daily…not only to people watch but also to slowly sip our coffees while eating PASTRIES.


Savory crepe!


This chocolate tart was seriously just a melted bar of dark chocolate on flakey crust.  I died.


Lamb shank!


Crème brulee!


They sold french toast at the Starbucks there!  Yes we went to Starbucks while on vacation…

Going to Paris, I knew my mission was to find as many pastries as I could and eat till I puked.  And to get…MACARONS!!!!


Laduree supposedly has the best macarons. We came here three times.


At another macaron store, their display!


Even Mcdonald’s sold macarons!


More pastries…


Macaron break while checking out the Louve.


More duck!


And this was the last dessert of our trip…chocolate pie!

Paris has always been my dream.  Believe it or not, I was more amazed at the sights and history than the food.  I love food but to be able to walk into a palace?

Priceless.   Glenn and I both grew up poor and we are so thankful for everything we’ve achieved together…GO TO SCHOOL KIDS!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed my late and badly lit pictures.

What is your dream vacation?

G and I wanna go to Spain next…no wait…Japan…no wait…Germany! Ahhhh!!!


Thanks to those who are still reading/skimming/stalking/eye rolling this blog.

We came back from vacation to work, friends, visitors, etc…and days turned into weeks and then months…

Then the whole Rpatz Kstew scandal broke out so…I’ve been busy finishing the Twilight book series and rewatching all the movies…then shaking violently from crying.

Don’t judge.

Anyways, here are just some pictures from our trip to Paris.

It was amazing.  We didn’t speak French and BOOTY SHORTS are not “in” in France so I looked like an Asian hoochie.  But we had a blast and now we’ve got the travel bug.

The trip was a dream come true.  We’ve never been to Europe (we grew up poor but not Oliver Twist poor) before and now we can’t wait to go back.

Hope you enjoy these photos!




We did a bike tour around the city (so fun) so of course Glenn wanted to take of photo of me…



Words can’t describe the gardens in the city.  SO GREEN and well taken care of.  TAKE THAT CENTRAL PARK!



We saw artwork that we’ve only seen in history books!!! Monet, Van Gough, Picasso, etc!


If you look closely…under those trees…there’s a man who doesn’t pick up his dirty socks from the floor…


Versailles was amazing. Kings and MARIE ANTOINETTE sinned here!!! The gardens, the palace….it was awesome. I demanded Glenn buy me a palace or else.



Those orthopedic sandals saved my feet throughout the trip!



Of course Glenn was…Glenn. He still farted in public and fell asleep during our BOAT TOUR ON THE SEINE. Once in a lifetime…no big deal to Glenn.

On a serious note, it was such a beautiful place.  We were both so happy and grateful to be able to go somewhere that we’ve only dreamed of!

Thanks for sticking around to my handful of loyal readers!

Next up? FOOD!


Does anyone still read me?


Au Revoir!

I’m leaving today on the vacation of my dreams.

Glenn has a week off before he needs to start his second year of residency and since it’s been a crazy year of transition for us (new state, new jobs, marriage, etc.) we thought…WE DESERVE IT.

I’ve been brushing up on my French…


for our trip to Paris for a week!


Since Glenn could only get one week off no, we aren’t going to Spain or London or etc.

Before I get accused of “bragging” of where we are going let me just say this: I’ve been working my ass off since I was 14 and you only live once.


I hope I can look as elegant as Renee Z. when I jog around the city…BUCKET LIST!

Crossing my fingers to run into some celebs…


Kim Kardashian Kim Kanye cruise through Paris W7cSMmHWLVyl

Kimye will even do.

Other than Home Alone, one of my favorite movies is Amelie


So you know I’ll be blaring the soundtrack everywhere I go…

My goal will be to find the best macaron


So till next week….Au Revoir!!


Fried food.  Check.

Cheese.  Check.

Bowel problems now? Check.

You can go to other blogs if you want to read about how to have a balanced trip, how to be healthy when traveling.  Don’t get me wrong, when Glenn and I go on vacations we walk EVERYWHERE (free cardio) or take advantage of the hotel gym.  But when it comes to food, bring on the Rolaid cause you HAVE to try what the city offers.

Behold southern dining:

Made reservations at Poogan’s Porch for our first dinner in Charleston.



Fried green tomatoes with pecan encrusted goat cheese and peach chutney.

First time having fried green tomatoes and I wasn’t that impressed!  The only thing I kept going back for was that ball of goat cheese.


Shrimp & grits: tri-colored peppers, vidalia onions, spicy sausage, tasso ham & blue crab gravy

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?  Grits are cheesy and creamy and that salty gravy on top was just…perfect.  The shrimp were huge too!


Mocha bread pudding with vanilla ice-cream.

Delicious.  After that pound of gravy and grits, Glenn and I still had room to finish this dessert.

Poogan’s Porch was the best restaurant we dined at while in Charleston.  The service was good, the portions were generous, and I honestly have no complaints about the place.  Oh and apparently there is a ghost that lives in the restaurant.

We woke up at 11:30 the next morning (damn you hotel curtains! such a peaceful slumber!) and had no lunch plans so we walked into Blossom Restaurant with no expectations.



Crab cake.  It was a meh crab cake but the middle was cold. WTF.  They sent us another crab cake to apologize thank gawd.  Wasn’t a fan of all that cream sauce on the bottom.  Can’t I eat a crab cake without all that jazz?


Sh*tty salmon saladIsn’t this the most pathetic thing you’ve ever seen?  I make this sh*t at home.  Glenn told me that’s “what I get” for ordering salmon at a restaurant since we can make it at home but seriously…at least give me a cherry tomato!

Blossom is actually one of the top rated restaurants in Charleston but honestly, their lunch experience was meh.

Our farewell to Charleston brunch was at Magnolia’s .


Blue crab bisque.  It tasted good but who doesn’t like a bisque soup?  It’s all creamy!


Blue crab benedict. 


Shellfish over grits: sautéed shrimp, sea scallops, & lobster on creamy white grits smothered in lobster butter sauce and fried spinach.  Okay, I was impressed by the thick pieces of lobster on this dish but the grits weren’t as tasty as my entrée at Poogan’s porch.

Magnolia’s is a beautiful, high end restaurant to dine at but the food was average.  I swear I’m not THAT picky!

Glenn has been obsessed with this show called “Drinking Made Easy”.  It’s a travel series that focuses on bars and local drinks instead of just FOOD.  So when he saw Grill 225, we “had” to make a stop here.


Grill 225 serves Nitrotini cocktails, drinks cooled to –320 degrees Fahrenheit using liquid nitrogen.


Because I wanted to be obnoxious and attract attention at the bar, I ordered the COTTON CANDY: Pinnacle cotton candy vodka, X-rated Fusion
liqueur, pink lemonade, a splash of grenadine with
a sugar rim and a cloud of cotton candy.



Glenn ordered a NITROMELLOW: Stoli vanilla, Baileys, Frangelico and butterscotch schnapps with essence of chocolate, graham cracker rim and Nitromellows.

See the pictures of us?  TOURIST ALERT.  The drinks were a gay man’s dream but VERY sugary (duh) and cost $20 each.  Someone stamp SUCKER on our foreheads cause that’s what we are…

But it was still fun to hold them.

Charleston is such cute town to visit!

Now I’m off to pop a few fiber pills to get my stomach back to its regular schedule.


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