Final goodbye

It’s obvious that this blog is dead so ill write one last post before I delete it. I’ve made such great friends and have had amazing opportunities from blogging but alas, real life is taking over my blog life. Like real life is smothering any time for blogging.

Let me catch you up on life so far:

Traveling has been a priority! Rome last New Years and Barcelona and Madrid this past fall!

Did I mention I went to the film festival SXSW last year and saw my ultimate hotties?!?

In addition: Glenn and I decided to stay in Denver for a few more years so we bought a townhouse! Visitors welcomed and a trader joes is opening literally across the street!! Alert the police cause you bet yo ass ill be trespassing there 24-7!

And I switched jobs!

No more retail or price check on cranberry sauce for me anymore!

And guess what’s coming 2014-2015?

Ok I lie. Not yet but it’s coming…maybe…hopefully.

Thanks for all these years together to whoever is left!!! Ill miss y’all but find me on instagram: mymarblerye.

Good luck in life and love!

PS.  Since I still love food you’ll find pictures of local Denver food/restaurants on the upcoming: DianaDoesDenver !!

PPS.  This blog will self-destruct in 3 days.


What?! Your husband doesn’t wind up on stage with Jeffrey Ross and John Mayer?


I think it’s time for a catch up post.

Oh I totes met Andy Cohen




What?! You don’t leave this on your search bar for your husband to find?



I’ve been gone for so long but it’s time to catch you up! I forgot to tell you guys I went to New Orleans for food…I mean for my bff’s hub’s bday! It was fun and the Asian in me was beyond excited to be legally gambling in that town! Here are some pics!! This trip inspired me to make my own Halloween costume next year.








Sorry that soufflé looks so lewd. Oh and check out this Jason Mraz lookalike we saw!



I’ve been away cause Glenn and I had twins!!!


Okay I lie.

Holy moly!  Where have I been?

On a couple of trips…and busy eyerolling twitter and facebook political statuses.

I work a lot and I’ve been out of town almost every other weekend!

Let me break it down.

My first trip was at the beginning of October…where I went back to the city I love.  NEW YORK CITY.


Glenn was working so I went with my friend for a quick weekend trip.  It’s really sad to see images of the damage Sassy Sandy did to that area so make sure to donate some dinero here.

The main reason for our trip was to run my first 10k!


Rock n Roll New York was the perfect motivation for another trip to the city.  My DREAM is to run the New York City marathon but a 10k is a bit more realistic at this point.


The race was in Prospect Park in Brooklyn and I surprised myself with my finish time: 57:25 with a 9:14 pace.

CAN I GET A HOLLLLAAAAAA.  Honestly, I think running in Colorado’s higher altitude helped me in New York!  My pace at home is always a 10 minute mile!

While there we got a day pass to check out New York Comic Con.


In my mind I had visions of running into celebrities…participating in movie and tv panels…but it was really…ALL comic books and video games.  DUH right?  I should have done my research…

It ended up looking more like thisspecifically…this :( YEESH.

I’m a nerd but I guess not not nerdy enough or freaky enough.

All the celebrity signing events had massive lines and you had to pay $40 to meet them!  Including this guy:


Christopher LLoyd.  (You’ll see why I bring him up later in my post).

After the shock of being at NYCC, we saw this Broadway show:


Once!  It won a bunch of Tony awards and it was so good!  Funnier than I expected.

During intermission guess who strolled up the aisle?  CHRISTOPHER LLOYD!!! hahahah I didn’t have to pay $40 to see him after all!  Unfortunately, I was too scared to approach him.

The “star” sightings don’t stop there….when we left the show we saw this massive crowd waiting for someone on the street…


A few minutes later guess who walks out of the building?

RICKY MARTIN!!!!  Hahahah, I actually didn’t go cray cray like all those hott Latina mamas waiting in front of me.

And just when you think I couldn’t have any more “celeb” “encounters” we went back to our hotel and found that they were having a huge after party in our hotel bar/restaurant.


BET’s Black Girls Rock after party baby!! I couldn’t help but laugh at how random it was…I didn’t see any stars and we didn’t even wait around…

But the joke was on me…

Guess who was DJing at that damn event?

Idris-Elba Idris Elba

With this man…hell yah I’m “down with the swirl” !!!!

I should have tried to sneak into the bar!! I would have been like “YO I’M STAYING IN THIS HOTEL!!!” :(

And that is the end of my NYC adventure.


Love Central Park.

Hope you guys are doing swell!

And in case you are wondering, YES my writing is getting worse.


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